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Talia fiszek anki plik

to chortle - rechotać [to laugh, showing pleasure and satisfaction]
She chortled with glee at the news.
painstaking - staranny, skrupulatny [extremely careful and correct, and involving a lot of effort]
It took months of painstaking research to write the book.
to slink - wymykać się [to walk or leave quietly, esp. because you do not want to be noticed or are ashamed of something]
I was so embarrassed that I tried to slink away.
to grope - macać, szukać po omacku [to feel with your hands, especially in order to find or move towards something when you cannot see easily]
She groped for her glasses on the bedside table.
to inter - pochować [formal; to bury a dead body]
Many of the soldiers were interred in unmarked graves.
mallard - kaczka krzyżówka [a wild duck that is common in Europe and North America]
The male mallard has a green head and reddish-brown chest.
glum - przybity, ponury [informal; disappointed or unhappy, and quiet]
He's very glum about the company's prospects.
to retain - zachować, zatrzymać [to keep or continue to have something]
She has lost her battle to retain control of the company.
to conceal - ukrywać [to prevent something from being seen or known about]
The listening device was concealed in a pen.
to snatch - wyrwać, złapać [to take hold of something suddenly and roughly]
He snatched the photos out of my hand before I had a chance to look at them.
bonus - idiom
crystal clear
A statement or expression that is easy to understand or has an obvious meaning is crystal clear or as clear as crystal.
There was no need to repeat the instructions. They were crystal clear.


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