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tak Ukrainiec pisze o blokadzie na granicy :

Once again, EVERY country in the world has its problems, its successes and its failures. And there are huge problems ahead, which will only be solved if all the countries pull together.
Nobody in Western Europe wanted Poland, Hungary, Slovakia etc to be in the EU, it was only political decisions, but here you are anyway. I even think that Ukraine is the country that we most want to welcome into the union, because it is demonstrating its will in an admirable way. So at some point in history, we have to be clear-headed, and it's not the farmers (I know some in France, 90% crazy), the lorry drivers or the pensioners of Poland who should decide how to conduct a war that threatens to destroy the Union.
All this mess is possible because politicians are trying ti hide to EU the threat od destruction that is facing us all. We are in 1936, history repeating.

#blokada #ukraina
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