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Talia fiszek anki plik

to loll - zwisać, rozwalać się [to lie, sit, or hang down in a relaxed, informal, or uncontrolled way]
The patient lay with her mouth open, her tongue lolling out.
intimation - oznaka, powiadomienie [formal; the action of making clear what you think or want without saying it directly, or something that makes something clear in this way]
His suicide attempt was the first intimation that he was seriously depressed.
furnishings - umeblowanie, wyposażenie [the furniture, curtains, and other decorations in a room or building]
Bathroom furnishings are in the basement of the store.
sickle - sierp [a tool with a short handle and a curved blade, used for cutting grass and grain crops]
A sickle, toothed like a saw, is used for reaping.
to ascertain - upewniać się, ustalać [formal; to discover something; to make certain of something]
The police have so far been unable to ascertain the cause of the explosion.
regal - królewski [very special and suitable for a king or queen]
He made a regal entrance.
bouncer - bramkarz [informal; someone whose job is to stand outside a bar, party, etc. and either stop people who cause trouble from coming in or force them to leave]
He sat on a boulder near the entrance, as if he were the bouncer trying to prevent someone like her from exiting.
to foil - powstrzymać, udaremnić [to stop a crime, plan, etc from succeeding, or to stop someone doing what they want to do]
The prisoners' attempt to escape was foiled at the last minute when police received a tip-off.
to squeal - piszczeć [to make a long, very high sound or cry]
The brakes squealed as the van rounded the corner.
to sip - sączyć, popijać [to drink, taking only a very small amount at a time]
This tea is very hot, so sip it carefully.
bonus - idiom
crying need
When there is a great lack of something which is urgently needed, there is a crying need for it.
Hospitals claim that there is a crying need for nurses.


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